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Dallas Area Laptop Replacement Parts & Upgrades

The Switch Laptop Repair website is currently adding an e-commerce system with shopping cart. We hope to provide an easy platform for consumers and technicians to purchase parts and service nationwide by January 2011!

If you need power jacks or replacement parts contact us by phone, email or message us directly at the bottom of this webpage.

Many companies provide upgrades for desktop PC's but your laptop can be upgraded too! Laptop upgrades include processor type and speed, memory, hard drive speed and/or capacity, and DVD/Bluray burning capability. To system specific preformance upgrades and refurbishing laptops through our Swith Rebuilt Laptop program.

A few common hardware and software upgrades.

- LCD Upgrade (most screens can upgrade in resolution)
- Processor (CPU) Upgrade
- Video Card (GPU)Upgrade
- Memory Upgrade
- Hard Drive Upgrade (up the size and/or speed, new SSD solid state drives available as well)
- Optical Drive Upgrade (Bluray, DVD Burners, CD-RW, Lightscribe etc.)
- Internal WiFi Wireless Upgrades (internal wireless N upgrades)
- Operating System Upgrade/Downgrade - Upgrade to Windows 7, 8.1. 10 - Switch back to Windows XP or 7
- Virus/Malware Removal / Tune-up your computer!
- Linux Laptop Upgrade/Installation
- Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 OS Repair
- Apple OS X Upgrade

In many cases a laptop can preform as well or better than their desktop equivalent with the right upgrades and software.

Send us a message about upgrading your laptop!

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