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Laptop Motherboard & GPU Repair Services

Switch Laptop Repair is now offering motherboard repair services. Typical symptoms of a defective motherboard that can be repaired without expensive parts; the laptop will power on but no video display, powers on then immediately powers off, wifi card or DVD drive will not be detected, pixilation-blocks-lines through video, etc. In most cases we can provide same-day or next-day field service repair to the Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas area for $125 Flat! No hidden charges!

Most motherboard issues can be resolved with our flat $125.00 service fee in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area includes all labor, materials and parts. In-home/In-business field service available! 1-2 hour turn-around on all motherboard repairs! For a limited time we are offering virus/malware removal service at no additional charge with any single laptop Motherboard Repair or any major laptop hardware repair.

We have an extensive list of Gateway, HP/Compaq, Dell, Sony and Fujitsu motherboards and video cards that have known manufacturer defects but can be 100% repaired. If you have any questions about your model of notebook please feel free to contact us.

Not in the North Texas Area?

We also offer a $125.00 flat-rate mail-in motherboard repair services for the entire United States! Please visit our laptop mail-in section for more information on our Switch Laptop Repair mail-in service. Includes all parts, labor, materials and return shipping charges.


* Over-heating, symptoms worsen after laptop heats up
* Sudden loss of video to LCD and will not display on external monitor
* Video problems, fuzzy pixels, large colored blocks or worse video over time.
* Other problems like bluescreen errors or restart while gaming or playing a video.

Why is my motherboard defective?

Even if your laptop is only 1-2 years old you could have a defective motherboard. Many newer laptops require extensive cooling for the processor and graphics card and because laptop cooling fans can easily clog with dust over time this can cause the Northbridge and/or the built-in video card too break away from the solder points on the motherboard due to temperature fluxing. Typical repairs include reflowing the solder of the chip on the motherboard and ensuring the cooling system is fully functional. Some laptops need to have the solder on the BGA (ball grid array) completely re-soldered or have a replacement Northbridge or GPU BGA chip installed. Most laptops sold between 2005 and 2009 will eventually need these repair services due to a industry wide change to RoHS (restricted of hazardous substances) going Pb/lead free. These new RoHS motherboards' solder melts and deforms at much lower temperatures.

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