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Repair Services & Pricing Guide

Switch Laptop Repair provides reasonably priced flat-rate service fees for common computer repair services and specialty laptop hardware repairs. In some cases if we are working on multiple computers and/or multiple issues on a single job we may switch to an hourly rate if it will lower the cost of the entire job.

Diagnostics if needed are $49 service charge per visit but is applied to any paid repair. Generally we will never charge over $85.00 an hour for any services we provide if hourly rates are applicable.

Our customers range from established Computer Repair shops and IT Companies to the end-user of the laptop. We gladly accept business from the average laptop owner or the avid computer professional.

Laptop Repair Price Guideline

LCD Screen Replacement $85.00 + Part
LCD Power Inverter Replacement $75.00 + Part
LCD CCFL Backlight Lamp / Blub Replacement $99.00 + Part
LCD Display Video Cable Replacement $85.00 + Part
LCD Video Cable Repair $95.00
LCD Hinge(s) Replacement Varies $100 and up
Hard Drive Testing/Diag - Bad Sectors / Data Recovery Varies $125 and up + Part(s)
Hard Drive Replacement or Upgrade $100 + Part
Hard Drive Replacement + OS install $100 + Part
Optical Drive (DVD, burner, etc.) Replacement or Upgrade $50 + Part
Keyboard Replacement $45 + Part
Keyboard/Key Repair $35 + Part
Motherboard and/or Video Card GPU Repair $125.00
Power Button Repair / Replacement $100.00
DC Power Jack Replacement / Repair Service $100.00
AC/DC Power Adapter Testing Free With Any Repair
Processor and Video Cooling System Dust Removal Service Varies $49 and up
CPU/Processor or Video Cooling Fan Replacement Varies $99 and up + Part

This price list is only a guideline for typical estimate prices. Prices can vary based on make and/or model number. Certain Apple/Mac and tablet/specialty PC notebooks make have slightly higher fees.

Please contact us for quotes on any laptop/notebook repair service not listed here.

Send us a message directly through our website for a quote.

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