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Laptop DC Power Jack Replacement Image Gallery

We will be continually adding new laptop models to showcase in our gallery as often as possible. Switch Laptop Repair offers these semi-tutorials for informational purposes and to illustrate our workmanship only. We recommend anyone needing laptop repairs to use professional, skilled and experienced laptop repair techincian/electronic circuit repair technicial services to repair a motherboard or replace a bad power jack! The copper traces in many laptop motherboards are very soft and pilable and very easy to destroy if the solder is not completely removed before installing a replacement jack.


Acer Aspire 4720z series DC Power Jack Replacement 1.65mm

This laptop may have fallen while the AC adapter was plugged into the power jack as we found the inside center pin broken and a bent connection at the motherboard with cold / cracked solder as well. After removing all old solder and cleaning the traces we are ready to solder in a new replacement power jack. Repair tested good.


Compaq Presario R3000 series DC Power Jack Replacement

Compaq R3275us laptop. The replacement is similar for all of the Compaq R3000 series laptops and the HP Pavilion ZV5000 and ZX5000 series laptops.

Old and new DC power jack pictured above. A problematic or broken DC power jack is a very common problem with the R3000 series Compaq Presario's and the HP ZV5000 series. The inital problem with the laptop was a battery charging issue and then shortly afterward would not boot-up at all. We were able to isolate the defect to the solder and/or DC power jack. Aftering removing the old DC power jack we can see that the damage is all internal to the jack with no loose, cracked or solder/trace damage. Looking at the photographs you can notice the old DC power jack has almost a 50% smaller postive barrel pin than the Tyco OEM Replacement DC jack which has an upgraded design for durability and longjivity.

The old DC power jack was removed easily (typically indicates no trace damage) and the new jack is now soldered in perfectly. We just add Rosin Flux to the exposed DC power jack solder points on the base of the laptop motherboard and re-assemble the laptop, and here perfection matters! The Rosin Flux is a non electrical conductive liquid that drys into place preventing short circuiting between the postive and negative solder points on the DC power jack. It is extremely important to place every screw back in place and that all connectors and components are properly plugged in. If the motherboard and all components are not seated correctly and contact areas are not properly cleaned the laptop could have issues reconizing devices or boot up problems.

HP Pavilion ZT ZT1000 series DC power Jack Replacement

The exact model of the laptop pictured in this repair is the HP Pavilion ZT1175 ( ZT1100 series). This power jack replacement may require you to re-use your old grounding shield as the OEM shield only has 1 ground pin or cliping off the extra ground pin on the replacement DC power jack.

At first glance this laptop did not seem to have an issue with the DC power jack. This unit came to us for a backlight LCD repair and CPU/Memory upgrades. After working on the laptop we noticed the laptop would randomly power off but the issue was very infrequent and reinserted the AC/DC power supply would resolve the problem for an extended period of time. Figuring a AC/DC power supply/adapter or a wall electrical outlet issue we inintally dismiss the power problem until we go under the hood and check this thing out!

Old DC power jack pictured above. The HP ZT1100 series is one of the first generation Pentium 4-M (Mobile) laptop computers, many ZT series have Pentium 3 processors. So it came factory with a relatively slow 1.4 GHz/400MHz FSB/512kb Cache P4-M processor SL5ZH. Although the chipset on this laptop allows support for 1.4GHz - 2.4GHz Pentium 4-M processors but because of the rather small CPU copper heatsink and fan we have decided on a upgrade to a P4-M 1.8GHz/400MHz FSB/512kb Cache SL6FH.

After disassembling the laptop for the CPU upgrade we have found the problem with the infrequent power issue. The DC power jack is in bad condition, the DC power jack is cracked in several places and soldered in very poorly. More than likely this is a result of a prior lower quality repair.

After removing the old DC power jack we find more damage, a trace (copper ring that each pin on the power jack solders into on the motherboard) Damaged traces are often caused by incorrect removal of an original DC power jack. Traces can be repaired if they are not missing pieces or cracked in more than a few places and with some motherboards we can completely replace the copper trace if damaged.

Pictures of the new DC power jack installed above. We were able to repair the trace and solder in the new DC power jack and presto the laptop is now running 100% and with a 400Mhz faster processor.

Dell Inspiron 1150 series DC power Jack Replacement

The motherboard DC jack replacement service is the same for the 1150, 5150, 5160 Inspiron series as well.

The three above pictures are of the old DC jack before removal. You can clearly see on the right that the solder has become loose and cracked in 7 of the 9 traces.

In these photos we've removed the old DC power jack and installed a brand new OEM Dell Foxconn replacement DC power jack. We now have a great DC power connection.

Gateway 3000 3000GZ series DC power Jack Replacement

Here is a Gateway 3552GZ laptop, this replacement is exactly the same on all Gateway 3000 & MX3000 laptop series.

This laptop has a seperate power jack circuit board (PCB) that plugs directly into the motherboard. The helps with the replacement process as the motherboard does not need to be removed in order to complete this repair. The old DC power jack is pictured on the left the postive lead pin has been broken towards the rear of the connector. We replace the DC power jack (pictured on the right) and now the laptop is 100% operational.

More DC Power Jack Replacement Image Galleries Coming soon!

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